How do you share project documentation and information with your customers ? 

Easily? Systematically? Secure? In real-time? With change notifications? If not, read on!

The need to share project documentation is as old as the customer-supplier relationship itself. The benefits are unquestionable, and the problems are known as well. And for the impatient: efficient solutions are readily available.

The benefits

The main benefits of an efficient mean of sharing project documentation in no particular order are the following:

  • Common understanding of the problem to be solved and its solution
  • Avoid misalignment and false expectations
  • Reduce costs by spotting issues early-on
  • Protect both sides against legal suits
  • Granular and focused update about essential modifications
  • Documentation, archive and later reference in the most convenient way

The common problems

What are the known problems? As usual, conceptually things are rather easy, but the devil is in the detail: 

  • The problem of usability and simplicity: The idea to give customers access to some online system and to hand them over the necessary credentials to log in has been around. But the reason for its failure is clear: the customer needs discipline not to lose his password and to be trained to use the platform. But what if he needed no password at all, and the only technical competence required would be reading his emails and clicking on information links?
  • The problem of heterogeneity of information supports: Project information comes in many forms: documents, images, links, data sources, etc. Thus, the question becomes, how to handle all of those in a seamless and easily accessible way?
  • The problem of update notifications: “I’m sorry, but the plan you are showing me is outdated. I’ll send you the current plan”. Having an up-to-date store with versioned files and update notification would solve this problem to.
  • The problem of data protection and security: The important question whether the data are secure and protected needs to be solved as well. Nobody wants confidential information and documents in the wild. A special blog post on this question will follow in the next weeks.
  • The problem of different visibility scopes: And the seemingly banal problem about how to provide different information and documents to the different stakeholders of the project. How to easily implement a “need to know” policy without overhead.

The solution

LinkFacts for Organizations is the solution covering all the aspects described above with some elegance. The main appeal to you customers will be the visual presentation of information and documents in easy to navigate knowledge graphs. Any document or link is just one click away. More information about features and use cases is available on our website.

Capture: Accessing the data in the most convenient and useful way with LinkFacts

What next?

LinkFacts is a collaborative platform to visually explore, capture and share knowledge inside and outside organizations. In addition, we have a deep expertise in structuring, organizing, and presenting knowledge in the most efficient way. 

Get into a productive discussion with our experts on how to solve your project documentation and sharing problem swiftly and in a seamless way, integrated with your current IT infrastructure.

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