The most flexible platform for Due Diligence

Whether it is about investing, acquiring or merging companies, you will need to setup a due diligence process, that is: 

  • Secure, with restricted access on a ‘need to know’ basis

  • Clear, straight forward, and understandable for all stake holders

  • Efficient in terms of data collection and organization

  • Efficient regarding communication and notification of the parties

  • Flexible to changes and unanticipated events

Not only will this process protect both buyers and sellers, but it’s poor implementation and execution can jeopardize the investment or acquisition process as a whole. Do not leave things to chance!

The key features of the Due Diligence process

Visual access to the whole information tree

Navigate large data and file graphs and chose the most efficient representation of data: graphs, maps, trees or textual representations.

Setup of teams to restrict visibility

LinkFacts permission controls, graph hierarchies and team concepts, ensure that all confidentiality and privacy requirements are met.

Different Virtual Data Room templates

Depending on the complexity and size of a business, different data room templates help to right-size the data structures.

Automatic and explicit sharing

Continuous access to data of all stakeholders being guaranteed, you may still share specific parts of the data graph with someone.

Notifications on changes

Get change notification on the specific data and file sections you are subscribed to.

Conditional show and hide

Focus on what matters by using the elaborate filter system.

Fine tune the due diligence process

Create your own templates, your own node-, connection and attribute types that best match your due diligence process.

Export your data in the most appropriate way

Excel and Word export of selected parts of the data graphs will give you additional flexibility of sharing information “out-bound”.

Search and navigate your data graphs

Each information is just one click away. Use the advanced navigation and visualization features of LinkFacts.

Start with Templates

Use template ready for you and start with LinkFacts in less than one minute.

Ideas and concepts

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Object relationship mapping

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