The ultimate mind map tool to boost your productivity
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Whether you want to carry out your personal accounting maintain your to-do lits, map your family tree, or plan the book you want to write, LinkFacts will become your best friend.  

  • Semantic to-do lists, reading lists, mind maps...

  • Mapping family trees 

  • Planning holidays 

mind map accounting tool

The ultimate features for boosting your productivity

Flexible visualization of nodes and connexions

Use the most expressive icons, shapes, texts and you own images to make your point.

Drag and drop documents and websites

Add notes, links to external websites, images, videos, & entire files to your mind maps.

Templates with customizable node and connexion types

LinkFacts comes equipped with an entire gallery of templates made for you.

Views to offer different perspectives to audience

Create multiple views, and structure your content with graph dependencies, layers and filters.

Team collaboration and user interaction

Share graphs and invite colleagues to give feedback and contribute to your planning process.

Import and export your maps

Export or import your data to a text file (.csv), Excel (.xlsx) and RDF formats (.ttl and .n3)

Collaborative to-do lists

Traditional To-do lists are useful but archaic and the ‘Promise’ part is almost always missing. Questions like ‘Who asked for it? Who did commit to do this task for me? What other tasks are required before?’ Turn your lists into maps.

to do list tool for productivity
Family tree concept map

Family tree mind maps

Plenty of family tree applications are out there, but to our knowledge they are all very static trees, instead of graphs that can be extended in any possible way and walked along their connections. 

A mind map accounting tool

Manage your personal finances with mind maps or concept maps and keep track of the status of your expenses and receipts in a single tool.

training plans mind map tool

Start with templates made for personal productivity

Use template ready for you and start with LinkFacts in less than one minute.

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