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LinkFacts, leader in visual thinking solutions, based in Luxembourg, is disrupting a long-standing industry convention and is the first in its field to offer users to seamlessly switch between Concept-mapping and Mind-mapping with its new software release.

Mind map, concept map, cognitive map, semantic net...

What are the common traits and the differences of mind maps, concept maps, cognitive maps and semantic networks? What are the applications of all of those? The following concept map let’s you explore and navigate the various characteristics of the

Great ideas through collaborative mind-mapping

Team collaboration has been key to the success of many projects. Successful teams deliver successful projects. But why so? Most probably because our ideas emerge like soap bubbles. When pouring water on soap, bubbles emerge. They build on each other

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LinkFacts : from information to knowledge, from kn...

At first sight LinkFacts is a social mind mapping platform, but only at first sight! Conceptually there are major differences to other mind mapping platforms, the most notable one being that under the hood there is semantic graph technology. That

History of Mind Maps

Mind maps have a long history, dating back to the third century. Early thinkers and philosophers used graphic designs to diagram various concepts, words and ideas that related to a central thought. Mind maps are a visual method for recording