Is knowledge management a game changer for your bu...

Knowledge is the most precious resource of humanity as a whole but even more important here, the biggest driver for business success.

LinkFacts – a powerful tool for journalists

Journalists : don’t work like a hamster in his wheel ! Great and honest journalism is one of the essential non-governmental functions in any open society. It has long been considered one of the main safeguards of democracy. But time

Visually managing corporate governance with LinkFa...

Visually managing corporate governance, general assemblies and board meetings with LinkFacts

How do you share project documentation and informa...

How do you share project documentation and information with your customers ?  Easily? Systematically? Secure? In real-time? With change notifications? If not, read on! The need to share project documentation is as old as the customer-supplier relationship itself. The benefits

training plans mind map tool
Concept Maps: A Quick Guide

Concept Maps: A Quick Guide A concept map maker is an application for creating and editing a concept map. They were originally developed by an American educator, Joseph Donald Novak, who was a Professor Emeritus at Cornell University and Senior