The ultimate business
mind map tool

Entrepreneurs and managers can use LinkFacts to brainstorm and document new business ideas.
Project managers, engineers and consultants will discover new ways to manage projects, discuss risk dependencies and improve process maps. 

  • Improve communication with customers

  • Collaborate with your team

  • Track progress and reach goals

business mind map ultimate tool

The ultimate features for business mind map

Flexible visualization of nodes and connexions

Use the most expressive icons, shapes, texts and you own images to make your point.

Drag and drop documents and websites

Add notes, links to external websites, images, videos, & entire files to your mind maps.

Templates with customizable node and connexion types

LinkFacts comes equipped with an entire gallery of templates made for you.

Views to offer different perspectives to audience

Create multiple views, and structure your content with graph dependencies, layers and filters.

Team collaboration and user interaction

Share graphs and invite colleagues to give feedback and contribute to your planning process.

Import and export your maps

Export or import your data to a text file (.csv), Excel (.xlsx) and RDF formats (.ttl and .n3)

Efficient and useful linking of information

LinkFacts is semantic by design, meaning that you can attach meaning and data to any node or connection. Unlike other business applications, with LinkFacts you are not bound to any predefined data structures and schemas. 

business mind map example
attach documents to node

Documents and links, only one click away

The fully integrated document store and link manager allows to access any extern information with one single click.

Security and granular access control

Security and confidentiality are key concerns to any business. LinkFacts protects your information while giving users the power to manage access in a granular way. On premise and dedicated installation available to businesses on request.

manage permissions with this business mind map tool

Start with templates made for business

Use template ready for you and start with LinkFacts in less than one minute.

General assembly and board of directors

Use template

Business model canvas

Use template


Brainstorming has become an almost indispensable task for corporate projects, but brainstorming can be useful for any kind of project, even personal ones! You can use LinkFacts mind map for creating business plans or developing a business model canvas online.

LinkFacts allows you to combine a large number of tools into one. However, if you want to keep other tools, note that LinkFacts allows you to link any tool to any graph using drag and drop links.

You can share your business mind maps and graphs and thus your ideas with any LinkFacts user or even with anyone using the graph sharing feature.

No, LinkFacts does not have this type of data because we follow a strict privacy policy.

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