Outstanding features to complete your projects
Concept map, mind map, brainstorm map...

<strong>Outstanding features to complete your projects</strong>
<span class="light-txt">Concept map, mind map, brainstorm map... </span>
What is unique about LinkFacts, is that mind mapping users and concept mapping users alike
will benefit from consistent semantic approach. You give nodes and connections meaning! 
LinkFacts nodes are not only labels but carry context and meaning by the internal connections,
attached data, external connections, attached files and public links.

Concept mapping with outstanding custom visualizations

Use our icon and shape libraries and create your own visuals with images of your choice. Give your connections more expression by formatting them with reusable connection types.

Icon Collection for Mind Map Building
mind map support

Inherent mind mapping support

Mind mapping is the most common usage of visual thinking techniques, and LinkFacts supports it as well, but more importantly, LinkFacts allows you to grow your mind map into a bigger concept map without limits.

Switch between concept and mind mapping

Whatever the size, the completeness and the mash density of your graph, you can always revert to simple mind map trees and partial perspectives around the node of interest to work from there.

Node Icons for Concept & Mindmap Mode
Mind Map Collaboration Graph Screenshot

A brainstorm map collaboration that provides value

Stop brainstorming sessions resulting in throw away mind maps. At LinkFacts we help you capture and develop the value of those maps. Collaborate, develop, share, improve your maps over the whole lifecycle of your project. 

And many more

Flexible visualization of nodes and connexions

Use the most expressive icons, shapes, texts and you own images to make your point.

Drag and drop documents and websites

Add notes, links to external websites, images, videos, & entire files to your mind maps.

Templates with customizable node and connexion types

LinkFacts comes equipped with an entire gallery of templates made for you.

Views to offer different perspectives to audience

Create multiple views, and structure your content with graph dependencies, layers and filters.

Team collaboration and user interaction

Share graphs and invite colleagues to give feedback and contribute to your planning process.

Import and export your maps

Export or import your data to a text file (.csv), Excel (.xlsx) and RDF formats (.ttl and .n3)

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