LinkFacts is a social mindmapping platform.

The platform was created in 2019 and developed by Hubert Schumacher in Luxembourg.

“Today, professionals need new digital tools in order to express and visualize their thoughts that go beyond Word documents, Excel sheets and email communication. Furthermore, texts and speech, which are the foundation of human communication, are very inefficient in describing or mapping relations. Social mind maps help knowledge workers and researchers to collaborate on complex topics and are essential for intellectual  progress and learning” H. Schumacher.

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Why concept mapping or mind mapping?

Graphs are graphical representations of a mental reality which help you to structure information and ideas.

  • Graphs help you to see a bigger picture
  • Graphs improve your memory
  • Graphs foster creativity and improve collaboration.
  • Graphs structure information and ideas.

What is the added value of LinkFacts?

LinkFacts is a visual thought assistant that permits you to create private or public maps and collaborate with others, as your maps are stored in the cloud and can be accessed anywhere. With LinkFacts you can create any type of node you want without using pre-made models, allowing you to customize your graphs according to your needs !
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In addition LinkFacts features include:

LinkFacts is made for:

Projects Managers

Knowledge workers, Students

Researchers & Journalists

Concept mappers

Mind mappers


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