Use cases

These use cases will help you learn how to get started quickly and use LinkFacts efficiently under a specific scenario.

Journalism and investigation

Investigate and collect knowledge visually. Collaborate in teams and publish your references with one click. Build up your personal or organizations knowledge base.

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Regulatory and Compliance

Most regulation tasks are information trees with attached compliance rules with the possibility to track the compliance over time. Save a substantial amount of time with customized LinkFacts templates.


Research teams collect, organize, map, store and share knowledge. This is their core activity and LinkFacts is the perfect platform for them.

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Corporate governance

Asset mapping, stakeholder mapping, corporate governance and strategic jump boards are the use cases that make our performant an secure platform reveal it’s true potential.

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Education & training

Use semantic mind- and concept mapping to improve the students’ visual thinking and analytical skills and increase their rate of assimilation. Playfully research and discuss science or actual affairs in teams.

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Forensics and criminal investigation

KYC, AML, Crime investigation, dubious corporate structures. It all comes down to collect evidence and grasp the big picture. Let LinkFacts help you.

Risk and project management

No more Excel sheet management, no more lists! The appropriate representation of a risk dependency graph is a graph. And the same goes for projects dependencies.

Legal Knowledge management

Legal body of knowledge available to all you lawyers, compendium of best practices and documented service order procedures, or just a better way to share the case files


Discovery maps, complex sales, market analysis, master data management, taxonomies to be developed with your customers.

Personal productivity

Structuring your new book, researching your family tree or simply managing to-do-lists in a semantic way, or simply do concept and mind mapping. You won’t find a more flexible tool for all these tasks.

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Visual thinking

Visualize and understand even the most complex concepts with LinkFacts. Use logical concept maps to link sticky notes. Visualize connections between ideas and topics.

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LinkFacts Use Cases

All use cases in one place with real-time updates, have a look !

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