LinkFacts for Visually managing
corporate governance

Corporate governance is an evolving, multi-facetted undertaking, with varying stakeholders, exactly the aspects LinkFacts is excelling in. Visually managing corporate governance, general assemblies and board meetings with LinkFacts: 

  • Store the latest minutes from the board meeting

  • Store all ressources (info and documents) about the board

  • Plan, evaluate, and define strategic decisions using LinkFacts

  • Manage and share the governance related documents & events

The key features for Corporate Governance

Access and visualize any relevant document and links

Drag and drop documents and websites on your graph. Add notes, links to external websites, images, videos, & entire files to your mind maps.

Get started with ready-made templates

LinkFacts comes equipped with an entire gallery of templates made for you. Create your own graph Template to be reuse for each Board meeting.

Views to offer different perspectives to audience

Create multiple views, and structure your content with graph dependencies, layers and filters.

Setup of teams to restrict visibility

LinkFacts permission controls, graph hierarchies and team concepts, ensure that all confidentiality and privacy requirements are met.

Team collaboration and user interaction

Plan, evaluate, and define strategic decisions. From SWOT analysis to project planning, find all the resources you need for your strategic framework.

Import and export your maps

Export or import your data to a text file (.csv), Excel (.xlsx) and RDF formats (.ttl and .n3)

Discover amazing ways to share between teams

With our powerful tools, you can navigate and create with ease teams and shared elements.

Present a specific view and information

If you want to overview of the structure of the shareholders for example, and the history of the general assemblies, you may just navigate the governance graph with simple clicks. 

An easy way to access your decisive documents

Access any relevant document directly by selecting the desired nodes, as shown below.

Search and navigate your data graphs

If you want to know the sequence and dates of the general assemblies, LinkFacts filters and visualization options let you view the desired information.

Many ways to manage informations

Sort out the different relationships in the company efficiently

Many customizable visualization modes

LinkFacts has different highly customizable visualization modes, including text and table modes. In our current example, it is possible to only view the official general assembly’s documents.

Start with templates made for Corporate Governance

Use template ready for you and start with LinkFacts in less than one minute.

General assembly and board of directors

Use template

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