Visually managing corporate governance with LinkFacts

Visually managing corporate governance, general assemblies and board meetings with LinkFacts. Where did I store the latest minutes from the board of directors meeting? When did it take place? Who attended?

Corporate governance is an evolving, multi-facetted undertaking, with varying stakeholders, exactly the aspects LinkFacts is excelling in. If you cherish both simplicity and flexibility, and if you prefer visual navigation over text browsing, LinkFacts will be you best friend to manage, store and share the governance related documents and events.

Is LinkFacts a Governance tool ? Yes and no !

Yes because it can solve this common problem in a very efficient way with the provided templates.
No, because LinkFacts is a Visual Knowledge Management system with much broader use cases than corporate governance, be it strategic maps, project management overviews, risk dependencies graphs and many more.

If you want to overview of the structure of the shareholders and the history of the general assemblies, you may just navigate the governance graph with simple clicks.

Access any relevant document directly by selecting the desired nodes, as shown below.

Or if you want to know the sequence and dates of the general assemblies, LinkFacts filters and visualization options let you view the information, the way you prefer.

Below the same information but with associated documents and thumbnails.

LinkFacts has different highly customizable visualization modes, including text and table modes. In our current example, it is possible to only view the official general assembly’s documents.

Below another example showing the overlapping groups of people and their function, shareholders and board of directors in this case.

The flexible graph navigation features, let you view at a glance the answer to specific questions, e.g. what meeting did a director attend ?

Governance is of course a directed team effort with people intervening in their respective role, with access to different information and documents. LinkFacts’ elaborate access control, sharing features and its support for organizations and teams, gives everybody the access they need.

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