How banks prevent criminal activity

One serious issue within the banking industry is tackling money earned from criminal activities entering into the economy. The act of disguising the origin of “dirty money” is known as money laundering. Money earned from drug dealing, illegal gambling, human

carte Europe
European Rulers from 1500-present day

The monarchies of Europe can be confusing. Between disputed successions and marriages unifying countries, the history of Europe’s rulers can become complicated. This graph from Linkfacts helps clear things up. Follow lines of succession from modern day monarchs in Britain,

“The billionaire space race” – A...

Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and Richard Branson are three billionaires that are famously competing to make spaceflight more accessible. Since the 2000s, these self-made “space barons” have expanded their businesses to capitalise on the opportunities in outer space. It is