Journalists : don’t work like a hamster in his wheel !

Great and honest journalism is one of the essential non-governmental functions in any open society. It has long been considered one of the main safeguards of democracy. But time and financial constraints have increased and put an enormous pressure on journalists. To cope with the new reality they have to run faster, to become more efficient, while maintaining the same level of quality in their reporting. This calls for better organization of the daily tasks, but also for new ways and new tools for doing the research and investigation work.

What is LinkFacts ?

LinkFacts is one of those tools, that help the journalist getting organized and consistently managing the gathered information and the knowledge built over time from the research and investigations. It is the perfect tool for follow-up stories, but also for re-purposing the original information and no journalist should miss it!

LinkFacts is primarily a visual knowledge management system, and as such it allows, in a very easy and intuitive way to map and put into relation the collected information. Typically for a given topic or article a journalist creates a LinkFacts graph, and as information comes in, builds up the informational and logical backbone – all this before even starting writing a first line.

How to get most out of LinkFacts ?

The pieces of an online research can be gathered by dragging and dropping this information on the graph. This graph of information can be maintained over time and any additions or follow-up articles on the same topic will greatly benefit from this knowledge base made of semantic nodes and relations and attached data, files and links. In LinkFacts any piece of information is just one click away.

Any knowledge graph can be represented in various ways and may be shared in parts or entirely with colleagues to peer review, with superiors to authorize publication, and with the readers as references of the article.

The journalist does not only improve the quality of his research, but also becomes more efficient in his daily work. And being exposed to criticism and attacks by opponents whose interests may be hurt by the sheer journalistic truth, LinkFacts provides protection and resilience. No defense is more efficient than being able to provide sources and facts.

The knowledge management features, that make LinkFacts shine

All data is stored in a secure way in semantic databases and document stores. The visualization options allow to navigate the information graph, visit partial views as information trees, or even texts and tables.

Using Templates and node and connection types help to speed up the process and provide semantic meaning to the underlying information.

Rich and granular sharing options make it easy to make others consult and value your work.

Get started today

Individual journalists may just create a LinkFacts account and get started. Media houses and larger teams will have the best start by talking to us and book a demo.

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