Use concept maps to develop your ideas

Link ideas and information from any sources. Let your analytical thinking, your creativity and your imagination flourish, assisted by evolving visual maps and graphs. Keep the focus on the big picture and structure the information in the most understandable and comprehensive ways. Find concept map ideas by browsing community graphs.

concept map ideas
connect medias and store documents

Connect websites
and store documents

LinkFacts provides on the fly drag and drop linking of both documents and websites to any mind map or concept map. This essential component allows you to share documents and any online resource, like videos, photos, PDF files in a contextual way. It also enables you to store references and evidence to your work for greater credibility.

Choose your perspective

Switch between mind mapping (tree) and concept mapping (graph) modes and choose the appropriate perspective. In addition, create views, layers and filters to select the relevant information for your audience. A huge icon library, shape, image and text nodes help increasing understanding. Concept map ideas are moroever published by the community.

Node Icons for Concept & Mindmap Mode

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