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European Rulers from 1500-present day

The monarchies of Europe can be confusing. Between disputed successions and marriages unifying countries, the history of Europe’s rulers can become complicated. This graph from Linkfacts helps clear things up.

Follow lines of succession from modern day monarchs in Britain, Germany, Spain, and France, and journey all the way back to 1500. Discover the stories of fathers who outlived their children, and monarchies which passed from sibling to sibling upon early and unexpected deaths. Learn about the houses within each line and work your way through the mess of who had the right to each throne.

Each node gives you insight into who the rulers were and provides you with resources to delve deeper into their stories. The web of connections are colour-coded to highlight who was succeeded by whom and what their relationships were to one another. Were they father and son? Siblings? Cousins?

Learn things you never knew

Who was Queen Victoria’s grandson? How many of Philip V’s sons did it take to find a successor to the Spanish throne? What’s the difference between Queen Mary I of England and of Scotland?

Follow one line back to Joanna and learn how modern Spain came to be; or follow another and learn about the formation of the Prussian monarchy; explore the houses of Valois-Angouleme and Valois-Orleans.

This visual graph makes all of this information easily-accessible and helps users understand even the most bewildering connections.

With unique and custom connections and node types, Linkfacts allows its users to define links between people, places, houses, and facts in whichever way best suits the story they want to tell.

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