Great ideas through collaborative mind-mapping

Team collaboration has been key to the success of many projects. Successful teams deliver successful projects. But why so?

Most probably because our ideas emerge like soap bubbles. When pouring water on soap, bubbles emerge. They build on each other and create more bubbles, bigger bubbles. They form clusters and ultimately form a foam of ideas. This analogy illustrates, why we need others to get inspiration and to nourish our own ideas.

A lot of well knows techniques are used do generate and organize ideas and productive thoughts. Mind mapping and brainstorming are most probably the most prominent of them. Although, in theory, they can be practiced alone, the real productivity boost comes when they are practiced in teams.

If the whole team sits in the same room, most probably a projector and any mind mapping software will do the job. But if the team is either geographically distributed, or even worse, scattered across different time zones, an online mind mapping with strong and flexible team support is required.

This is exactly what LinkFacts is about. It flexibly allows the ad-hoc creation of teams by any user and the sharing of mind maps, concept maps or graphs with them. Access control allows to define who is enabled to only consult, or to actively contribute by building the maps. Notifications, comments, ratings, and other tools ensure the seamless communication between peers.

Note types and connection types allow to establish semantics and ease formatting. Any data, links or file attachments provide rapid access to external data and resources.

Views, layers, filters as well as graphs dependencies provide for flexibility and ease the access to even large and complex graphs. 

Creating an account on https://www.linkfacts.link and trying out LinkFacts’s team collaboration is free!

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