Mind-mapping AND Concept-mapping with the new LinkFacts release

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LinkFacts, leader in visual thinking solutions, based in Luxembourg, is disrupting a long-standing industry convention and is the first in its field to offer users to seamlessly switch between Concept-mapping and Mind-mapping with its new software release.

“LinkFacts is only the mean, the tool you don’t want to miss.” says Hubert Schumacher, CEO and Co-Founder of LinkFacts, “But the primary goal is the boosting of our minds. How to generate more interesting ideas, adopt superior strategies, use better tactics and operational plans? How to improve our thinking, our reasoning and our understanding?”

This question is equally important for individuals and organizations and the benefits of visual thinking techniques like Mind-mapping and Concept-mapping are not debated anymore. The most important ones are higher creativity, better understanding, efficient communication, easy reference and improved decision support.

Mind-maps are simple topic trees that have been around for a long time and are perfect for mapping related terms or topics in a simple and rapid fashion.

Concept maps, on the other hand, are semantically richer maps or graphs allowing any two concept nodes to be interconnected. Concept maps are in general semantically more expressive than mind-maps but also more difficult to navigate. Mapping vendors have thus focused on one or the other.

But Mind-mapping and Concept-mapping are two faces of the same Visual thinking coin, and LinkFacts, unique in its way, offers both at the same time. It lets the users select any node of a Concept map and switch to Mind-mapping, view or extend the work and switch back again later for the better overall picture. Efficiency is dramatically improved that way and the traditional barriers between Mind-mapping and Concept-mapping teared down. The LinkFacts experience is further enriched by providing a fully integrated document store with drag&drop support for attaching files and weblinks.

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