Tutorials about Nodes

Everything you need to know about creating nodes

Quick Help

to show you how to create nodes.

Create new node

Double click on white surface and select a label and a node type. Alternatively you can select the “+” button on the “Top actions” surface on the bottom right of the screen.

Create new node or search.
Verify that the mouse pointer is over visualization area and type the name onf the node to by created. Select “Create Node” in the popup.
Create nodes with files as vizualization or node links.
Drag and drop files you want to use for vizualization to the graph vizualization area.
Open node popup with actions and properties.

Click on node.

Close node popup.
Click on visualization area of node popup or hit ‘Esc’ on your keyboard.
Manage nodes Tutorial Video

Watch the Tutorial video about how to create, format and delete nodes.

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