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Getting started to use LinkFacts

How it works? 

This page is dedicated to present you how LinkFacts works. With this manual, you will get start and build your first graph visualisation and we will teach you the basics of using our product.

In this manual you will also go through the features of LinkFacts and we’ll explain you how to apply them to successfully graphs.

Just like our software, this guide assumes no prior knowledge of graph techniques. If you read it thoroughly, you will be able to find valuable information to improve your graph and to share with anyone you want.

Let’s start with the basics. The basic building blocks are:

  • Graphs are collections of nodes and links with their respective attributes
  • Graph templates allow to define node, link and attribute types for a given graph as well as their styles
  • Nodes are basic building blocks of a graph and may represent any object, concept, idea, fact. Each node has a unique address.
  • Links are connections between nodes and can represent ideal, real, emotional, financial, legal or any other type of relation.
  • Attributes are descriptive label and value pairs and can be attached to both nodes and links

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